©Barbara Fromann, Bonn.

Keywords: mathematics, mathematical-pysics, quantum mechanics, Anderson localization, women in STEM, random operators, graphic narrative, visualization, graphic recording, sketchnotes, illustrations, comics, historietas, bandes dessinnées, medieval illumination, books, converse Chuck Taylor.


  • June 29-July 3, 2020: Conference “New directions in disordered systems” in honor of Abel Klein, will take place at the Institute of Advanced Studies in Neuville Campus (close to Cergy-Pontoise).
  • May 2020: the Research in Paris (R.I.P.)  projet submitted together with Martin Geber (UC Davis) has been accepted! Martin and I will be collaborating and spending a month in 2020 at the Institut Henri Poincare, in Paris.
  • Feb 3-4, 2020: Workshop on NCG and topological insulators, Leiden.
  • Dec 2019: one-week research visit to Prof. Katarzyna Pietruska-Paluba, at the University of Warsaw, Poland.