Hi! I’m a mathematician and illustrator, and sometimes go under the pseudonym E. A. Casanova. I’m originally from Chile, did my PhD in France and spent some time doing research abroad. After 6 years in Germany, I came back to France and I’m currently Associate Professor at CY Cergy Paris Université (formerly known as University Cergy-Pontoise & EISTI).

My work lies in the field of mathematical physics, at the interface of analysis and probability. I’m responsible for the blog “The RAGE of the Blackboard”, where I interview female scientists and reflect on life in academia.

In November 2018 I created the Twitter drawing-challenge #Noethember (on the life of Mathematician Emmy Noether), and I currently co-host the weekly drawing-challenge #mathyear in Twitter. I’m interested in graphic narrative, illustration, graphic recording and visual note-taking, and in applying all this to Science Communication. I post my work on social media: on Twitter as @coni777 and on Instagram as @E.A.Casanova.

I carry on the name of my abuelito. E.A. Casanova is the name of my abuelita.

For more on my origin story, see this interview by the European Women in Mathematics Association.