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Publications / preprints in Maths research

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Other: PhD thesis, Universite de Cergy-Pontoise, 2012.

Publications / preprints in science communication

  • (with A. Mercado) Comic “La misteriosa conjetura de Alicia”, Núcleo ACIP, Chile 2024.
  • (with L. Jiménez Palma) Book La gran aventura del conocimiento, Ed. Planeta Chile 2023.
  • Visualization and social media as tools for Mathematics Communication. In Handbook on Mathematical Science Communication, Eds. Erin Henning and Anna Hartkopf, FU Berlin, Germany (2023). World Scientific.
  • Comics as a tool to communicate neuroscience. The experience of creating comics with neuroscientists of the Work Package1 of the Human Brain Project. Actes Colloque “Telling Science, Drawing Science”, Assoc. STIMULI 2022.