I’m passionate about illustration, graphic narrative, and about transforming complex ideas and thought processes into visual language. Graphic narrative is a great way  to do science communication and to raise awareness about the role of women in science.

In the past I’ve used the pseudonym E.A. Casanova (why the name? It’s my abuelita‘s name. My second family-name is my abuelito‘s name).

Member of DIMATCHILE (Red Divulgación Matemáticas Chile)




March 2021 Moderator and co-organizer of Panel discussion (ES)  “Matemáticas, Género e Ilustración: Mundos paralelos?” organized by Anillo Matemáticas y Género, Chile. Video.

February 2021: Moderator Roundtable on science communication, EUTOPIA, European universities alliance. Video.

January 2021 Presentation in Webinar “Breaking stereotypes”, organized by EU project Our Space our Future. Video.

July 2020 Panel discussion (ES)  “¿Qué significa difundir la Ciencia con perspectiva de Género?” organized by Anillo Matemáticas y Género, Chile. Video available here.

August 2020: I contributed 3 illustrations to the exhibition on Jean Perrin organized by the Institut Henri Poincare, in Paris. The exhibtion is on display in the library of the institute. Don’t miss it!


Photo par Camille Cier pour l’IHP

On-going collaborations:

Sketchnotes of Science:


#Mathyear is currently being published weekly in the website Images de Mathématiques of the French Research Council (CNRS).

Here is an e-booklet containing part of the drawings for #mathyear.


Noethember: a retrospective, an article at The Aperiodical summarizing the #Noethember initiative (Jan 2019).

Blogging, comics and more

Blog The RAGE of the Blackboard

Portfolio (under pseudonym E.A. Casanova).




September 2022: I recently appeared in an article by Sophia Merow in the Notices of the AMS, on my career path doing maths and illustrations.

I participated in the Twitter Scicomm Ro-Cur Colectivamente (my week here)

Drawings can inspire! Blog arbitrarilyclose on Hitomezashi stitching .

Sept 2020: (video) An interview with mathematicians in Démosle vuelta, mate con café (in Spanish).

June 2020: An interview in Chile’s top digital newspaper El Mostrador (in Spanish).

May 2020: My blog The RAGE of the Blackboard has been reviewed in the blog of the American Mathematical society (AMS).

Contributions to the website Images de Mathématiques of the French Research Council (CNRS).

In November 2018, #Noethember was reviewed in the blog of the American Mathematical Society (AMS)

Interview in the website of the European Women in Mathematics Association (EWM).

2016 was a good year.

Scicomm (Science Communication) CV

A CV of my illustration/scicomm activities.

I’m an award winning artist: